Five major reasons for affecting the accuracy of the red line thermometer
- 2019-10-25-

Five major reasons for affecting the accuracy of the red line thermometer

I. High temperature environment

This environment is likely to cause the coating material of the infrared thermometer to melt, the solder joints to be opened, and the stress distribution in the elastic body to be changed. In this environment, a high temperature resistant infrared thermometer should be selected;

Also need to add insulation, water cooling or air cooling and other devices.

Corrupt environment

Infrared thermometers work in a corrosive environment, which can easily cause damage to the casing, cause damage to the internal elastomer, and even cause short circuits. Therefore, you should choose a good corrosion resistance and sealed

Good infrared thermometer. It is also usually the product with a stainless steel cover or an appearance that has been subjected to anti-corrosion disposal punishment.

Third, strong electromagnetic field nuisance

The strong electromagnetic field environment will cause the infrared thermometer output signal to be distorted and have a large range of bumps. It should be shielded and punished until it has a good ability to resist electromagnetic interference.

Fourth, the five reasons that affect the accuracy of the red line thermometer, explain the dust and wet environment

In this kind of environment, an infrared thermometer with high airtightness should be selected, otherwise the infrared thermometer would be short-circuited easily. You can refer to the IP protection grade of the infrared thermometer and select the corresponding product.

In addition, the infrared thermometers are different, and their sealing methods are also different, and the tightness must be very different. Commonly used sealing methods are effective sealant filling or coating; rubber pads for machine tight sealing; welding and vacuum filling nitrogen sealing. Among these several sealing methods, the welding sealing performance is good, followed by the rubber pad machine tight sealing, and the filling and coating sealant is poor. For places that do not usually require harsh sealing, you can choose an infrared thermometer with a rubber seal, and for some things, the infrared thermometer in a humid, dusty environment should be sealed. Heat-sealed or welded sealed, vacuum-filled nitrogen-filled sealed product.

V. Five Reasons Affecting the Measurement Accuracy of the Red Line Thermometer Explains Flammable and Explosive Environments

Improper selection of flammable and explosive environment infrared thermometer will destroy it forever, and its forbidden signal will be sent to the control system, which will lead to misoperation and even threaten other things such as equipment deployment and personal tranquility. Therefore, to choose the infrared thermometer carefully in this environment, you must use explosion-proof performance. It is not only necessary to be airtight, but also to consider explosion-proof strength. Its cable lead-out must also reach such requirements.