What is an infrared thermal imager
- 2018-11-24-

The infrared thermal imager uses the infrared finder and the optical imaging objective lens to bear the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the measured target to reflect on the photosensitive element of the infrared finder, and then obtains an infrared thermal image. This thermal image is related to the thermal appearance of the object. The distribution field corresponds. In simple terms, an infrared thermal imager is to transform the invisible infrared energy declared by an object into a visible thermal picture. The different colors on the top of the thermal image represent different temperatures of the measured object.

2.The working principle of infrared thermal imager

Infrared cameras are imaged by infrared. In nature, all objects whose temperature is higher than relative zero (-273.16 degrees Celsius) constantly radiate infrared rays. This phenomenon is called thermal radiation. Infrared rays are light waves that are invisible to the human eye. Objects radiate infrared rays regardless of day and night, but people cannot see them regardless of their intensity. Infrared thermal imager is to use infrared explorer and optical imaging objective lens to receive the infrared radiation signal of the measured party, and then use the electronic scanning circuit to scan the infrared thermal image of the measured object into electricity through the photosensitive source of the infrared optical system infrared explorer. Signal, expanded processing, conversion or standard video signal to display infrared thermal picture through TV screen or monitor. An instrument made using this principle is an infrared camera. It has undergone exploration at different subtle temperatures, and the pictures issued are thermal pictures.

It can be seen that the infrared thermal imaging camera can image objects even when there is no light at a long distance, and it can not only observe under the condition of completely no light, but also be able to explore each other's policies in the night or dense smoke screens, clouds, Including the camouflaged policy and high-speed motion policy, together with the requirement to identify the policy at a long distance, the infrared camera is now a good night vision device. The object being queried is generally higher than the surrounding temperature, so it has become a good search policy for thermal imaging cameras. At night and in bad weather conditions, the use of infrared thermal imaging monitoring equipment can monitor various policies, such as personnel and vehicles.

The operating band of the infrared camera can reach the middle and far infrared regions, but because the atmosphere has a strong attenuation effect on infrared rays with wavelengths other than 3 to 5 micrometers and 8 to 14 micrometers, in fact, the main operation of the thermal camera is 5 micron and 8 to 14 micron infrared bands.

. The use of security includes fire prevention monitoring, identification of camouflage and shading policies, public security inspections at night and in severe weather conditions, vital parts, building and warehouse security, fire monitoring, land and port traffic safety assurance, airport monitoring, Inspection and quarantine of human body temperature monitoring and other fields.

In foreign countries, infrared cameras have been widely used in safety precaution systems and become stars in safety monitoring systems. In China, the development is also very active at this stage. Because the thermal imaging camera has a shadowing exploration function, there is no need for light, so you save the cost of making visible light, and intruders can't even know they are being supervised. In addition, it has continuous operation through severe conditions such as smoke, fog, rain, and smoke clouds, with a visible distance of several kilometers, which is very suitable for border inspections, violence protection, night detection, industrial security, equipment security, dock and port security, commercial security and other fields.

In some very important units, such as: airport security monitoring, civil aviation equipment, important administrative centers, bank vaults, confidential rooms, military locations, prisons, cultural relics, guns and ammunition storage, dangerous goods storage and other important places, etc. To prevent theft, it is necessary to adopt monitoring methods. In these places, because of fire protection, explosion protection, anti-corrosion of cultural relics, or other reasons, it is not allowed to use lights, you must consider the use of night vision equipment, so it is particularly suitable for infrared cameras that can work in 24 hours.

Now in the field of security monitoring, various application fields continue to increase the value of existing security monitoring products. The infrared thermal imager originally provided thermal pictures through the infrared radiation announced by the object being explored, and is gradually entering people's eyes. The product itself Together, it will fundamentally end the day and night monitoring in a specific application environment, and will also become an irreplaceable product for other monitoring products (such as low-light, fog-through cameras, laser lighting and infrared lights). This year, the market conditions of the thermal imager monitoring products will mainly be in remote monitoring of military, marine ports, oil fields, forest fire prevention and other special occasions, which can end day and night monitoring. However, due to price and other bundles, the number of products is not With a significant increase, the prospect of the mall is unquestionable, and it will become a new sought-after product in the next few years.