Two-color infrared thermometer

Two-color infrared thermometer

Product Details

E series two-color infrared thermometer


Wide temperature measurement range: 550 ~ 1800 ℃, 1000 ~ 3200 ℃

 Response time is only 10ms

 Manual focus option for easy installation

Various aiming methods, visual sight, laser sight, or optional green LED, video sight

 Protection class IP65 (NEMA 4)

Multiple communication interfaces (RS-485, Ethernet, Profinet), Ethernet ASCII, and video streaming

 Analog and digital synchronous output, programmable relay output

E series enjoy 4 years warranty

EnduranceTM series high-temperature colorimeter infrared thermometers can perform continuous visual process monitoring and adapt to harsh industrial environments such as metal smelting, metal heat treatment / processing, carbon material production and silicon material production. The E-series two-color thermometers help manufacturers improve product quality / consistency, reduce the rate of defective products, maximize productivity and reduce energy costs.

The E series two-color infrared thermometer is versatile and easy to install. With a wide temperature range, a small number of units can handle the entire process. The sensors operate on Power over Ethernet (PoE) or DC power and are connected to various bus systems (Ethernet, Profinet, and RS-485) via interfaces. The intuitive rear panel display interface makes navigation easier. The PC version of the setup and monitoring software simplifies configuration operations, and the built-in web server saves historical data for traceability and troubleshooting.

The E-series infrared sensor's innovative video aiming function helps intuitively and continuously monitor the process. The LED spot aiming option can be used to view the spot size on the target and ensure that the measurement path to the target is clear and accurate. Automatic emissivity matching function can avoid blindly setting emissivity. Companion software saves process temperature for data analysis and sensor setup.

High temperature resistant accessories :

The E series infrared thermometer has a stainless steel housing with IP65 (NEMA4) protection level, which can withstand ambient temperatures up to 65 ° C or 315 ° C when using cooling accessories. Once installed, it can be done once and for all, thereby reducing plant maintenance costs.

Application areas :

Metal processing: metal smelting / forging, hot rolling plant, bar / wire plant

Heat treatment and annealing

Induction heating

Bulb and Iodine Tungsten Lamp Production

Glass melting

Semiconductor furnace

Cement and lime kiln

waste incineration

Carbon graphite production