Buy two-color infrared thermometer

Buy two-color infrared thermometer

Product Details

Temperature range 600 ~ 3000 ℃, more accurate and powerful temperature measurement.

The marathon MR series two-color infrared thermometer combines high performance and advanced digital technology into one. It is a non-contact thermometer designed for work in complex environments. The product has advanced photoelectric system, intelligent digital circuit, built-in user interface and rugged housing. With two-way digital communication, screen dirty alarm, and fast response time.

The MR dual-color thermometer is especially suitable for relatively harsh field environments. It can be used to measure small or moving targets or targets blocked by dust, smoke and other particles in the atmosphere. It is more suitable for traditional monochrome infrared thermometers that are difficult to be accurate Measure the target temperature. Mainly used in the following industries:

* Metallurgy and metal processing (casting / forging and heat treatment)

* Glass bending, glass forming, tempered glass, annealing, sealing

* Semiconductor processing, secondary heating furnace, etc.

Performance parameters:

Environmental and physical parameters:

The MR two-color probe can be installed in a thermal protection sleeve (optional), with a maximum temperature resistance of up to 315 ° C, which is suitable for high temperature environments such as heat treatment and steel manufacturing. Supports up to 32 sensor heads to form a multipoint network. For more information, please contact our company.