Supply of two-color infrared thermometer

Supply of two-color infrared thermometer

Product Details

CIT-MD two - color infrared thermometer is an infrared temperature measurement technology such as rocket gas, which is applied to high-tech products in the industrial field with high quality. It is used in metallurgy, casting, heat treatment, steel, hot rolling, sheet bar, wire, wire, induction Heating, coking, furnace, chemical, glass and other industries have been widely used.

The colorimetric temperature measurement principle is used to directly measure the true temperature of the target, which is basically not affected by the emissivity of the material.
It can be accurately measured without focusing. Aim to measure small targets.
Strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, smoke, water vapor and dust.
Temperature measurement is not affected by window glass (except colored glass).
Built-in ambient temperature compensation, suitable for use in industrial sites with harsh environmental conditions.
The whole machine is tightly sealed, moisture-proof, dust-proof and high-temperature resistant.
The power wiring is fully protected and the output is fully isolated.

Application areas:
Suitable for metallurgy, steel rolling, coking, container, and on-site measurement of smoky water vapor and dust.
Steel pipe, sheet, bar, wire, wire
Welding, metal extrusion
Medium frequency, high frequency induction heating, furnace
Casting, forging, heat treatment, hot rolling, annealing

Technical indicators:





Temperature measurement range

400 ~ 1200 ℃

600 ~ 1400 ℃

700 ~ 2000 ℃

600 ~ 1400 ℃

700 ~ 2000 ℃

1000 ~ 3000 ℃

Distance coefficient

180: 1

180: 1

300: 1

Minimum goal



Aiming method


Temperature measurement accuracy

Absolute accuracy: ± 1%; repeat accuracy: ± 2 ‰


1 ℃

Measuring distance

0.5m ~ ∞

Response time



Standard gear, metal gear, non-metal gear


4-digit LED digital display

output signal

4 ~ 20mA or RS485

Power requirements

15 ~ 24VDC, 150mA

working environment

Ambient temperature 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, humidity: 0 ~ 80% (non-condensing);

When the probe is equipped with water cooling jacket, air cooling: 0 ~ 120 ℃; water cooling: 0 ~ 175 ℃

Storage temperature

-40 ~ 85 ℃