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Application advantages of thermal imaging cameras
- 2019-05-15-

As for the use of infrared cameras, we probably understand the role in the industry. In fact, infrared cameras are also widely used in other areas, and become irreplaceable in some aspects. Because infrared cameras have a strong advantage in these areas. So, what are the advantages of infrared camera in using it? Friends must want to know it.

The principle of the infrared camera is to display the temperature of the detected object in the form of a picture through the infrared radiation released by the object itself. The imaging technology of the infrared thermal imaging camera is very accurate. The infrared thermal imaging camera can be divided into a cooling type and a non-cooling type. The cooling type has higher thermal sensitivity, a more messy structure, and is mostly used in various military equipment. Although the cold-type sensitivity is lower, its function can still satisfy all civil fields, and it does not need to be equipped with special refrigeration equipment.

We all know that infrared radiation occurs in any object, and an infrared camera obtains an infrared picture after the measured object and the infrared rays around it change. Infrared pictures do not represent visible light pictures of objects, but temperature change pictures that are invisible to our naked eyes. Because of these advantages of the infrared camera itself, it has been widely used in many aspects.

In people's use, infrared cameras have very powerful advantages in the following three aspects:

1.About night and harsh environment monitoring

When people work at night, many equipment that needs to work in the sun can not operate normally. However, because the infrared camera can monitor the operating status of the device by monitoring the temperature change of the device, the infrared camera can ensure the normal operation of the device whether it is day or night. In addition, in rainy and foggy climates, the infrared camera can penetrate rain and fog very well, and it can still continue to comprehensively monitor the equipment.

2.About fire monitoring

Since the infrared camera can accurately detect the temperature of the object, it is also very important in the field of fire protection. In the early stages of a fire, it was difficult for people to detect hidden fire through the naked eye. However, as far as infrared cameras are concerned, even small temperature changes can be detected, and the address and scale of the fire can be accurately monitored, helping people to prevent and extinguish fires.

3.About agile search for hidden policies

Under special circumstances, when searching for things in a wide field, because there are so many grasses and trees, it is difficult for people to find the policy. Because the infrared camera can monitor the thermal radiation of the object's appearance, it can then accurately locate the position of the object.