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Features and applications of infrared thermal imager
- 2019-04-26-

Infrared thermal imagers are a relatively common type of instrument used in many fields. Many principles have been used in the manufacture of infrared thermal imagers. In the meantime, the infrared thermal imaging principle is one of the widely used principles. It plays a huge role in the operation of the infrared thermal imager. Then, let us take a look at the characteristics of the infrared thermal imager's imaging skills and its application in the state economy.

I. Imaging skills of infrared thermal imager


This skill is essentially a relatively high-grade temperature measurement skill. It is now used in the industrial field. The equipment that carries this skill is what we call an infrared thermal imager.

2. Features:

(1) It can measure the temperature of a large area of the surface of the object, accurately reflect the temperature spread of the surface of the object, and accurately align the test points to provide clear pictures.

(2) The use of distance is not restricted by the scene of the instrument, so that the role of the infrared thermal imaging camera's imaging skills in mapping can be brought into full play.

(3) It is possible to accurately distinguish the abnormal temperature of the object's emission and the actual temperature of the policy, so that it has a great assistance and promotion in making clear and useful pictures.

(4) It is not sensitive to the rugged ambient temperature, which is beneficial to quickly measure and record the surface temperature of the object under long-distance conditions, and facilitate the production of drawings.

Second, the application of infrared thermal imaging imaging skills in the state-owned economy

The imaging skills of infrared thermal imagers are widely used in the industrial field. They are mainly used to view industrial equipment, view operating problems, control product quality, etc., mainly including pyroelectric camera tubes, thermoelectric refrigeration detectors and two-dimensional focus Flat detectors are three different series of products. This is to confirm the heat spreading condition on the surface of the object based on the temperature recognition of the infrared thermal imager, and then it is very easy to find out the fault location and carry out reasonable treatment to ensure that the project proceeds normally.