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What are the general precautions for portable infrared cameras?
- 2019-11-26-

With the development of the domestic thermal imaging industry, the presentation of a number of domestic and international brands that are very representative of the world, has allowed thermal imaging equipment that has been unattainable to be widely used in various industries. The price of high-end exploration instruments such as thermal imaging cameras, which are simple to use, fast to obtain data, accurate and safe readings, has also begun to be legendary "cabbage." Let's take a brief share of the use of Hikang's portable thermal imager equipment as an example:

First, adjust the focus. In the application of the thermal imaging camera, if the temperature of the surrounding scene is too cold or too hot, it will affect the accuracy of the target temperature measurement. H10 / H36 thermal imaging camera application is equipped with a unique laser pointing system, which can intuitively indicate the target position, which is suitable for focusing operations that require multiple and multi-directional operations.

Second, pick the right temperature measurement scale. The temperature measurement scale is an important performance indicator for the application of infrared cameras. Because infrared cameras are used for surveying and imaging by measuring the temperature of the target, the temperature measurement scale cannot be too narrow or too wide. And we take the H36 infrared camera as the temperature measurement scale: -20 ℃ to 350 ℃.

Third, understand the large detection interval. In fact, the large detection interval is not a fixed data, and this interval is related to the size of the measured target and the performance of the infrared explorer. When we detect certain smaller targets, we must choose a suitable infrared camera to ensure that temperature exploration is performed within effective intervals to prevent inaccurate data. In addition, when surveying, the infrared camera needs to adhere to the target at a moderate interval. Whether the interval is too large or too small, it will affect the application.

Fourth, adhere to the instrument to maintain relatively stable. When we usually use mobile phones to take pictures, if we accidentally shake them, the photos will be ambiguous. The same applies to the application of the infrared camera. When pressing the storage key, be careful not to shake it too much to ensure the picture is accurate and unambiguous. It may be possible to support the instrument on a tripod, and it will become more stable.