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The role of infrared thermometers in industrial and agricultural development
- 2019-10-18-

Infrared thermometers have the advantages of non-contact and rapid temperature measurement, and they are widely used in industry, agriculture, medical and scientific research. According to the way it is used, it can be divided into two categories: firstly, measuring the surface temperature of the measured target; secondly, using the thermal distribution of the measurement object to judge the other properties of the object related to the thermal distribution indirect measurement.

Examples are as follows:

1. In terms of scientific research, due to the outstanding advantages of infrared thermometers, it is required to provide a temperature measurement method in special test conditions, which has a wide range of applications.

2. In agriculture, soil and plant surface temperature measurement, temperature measurement during grain and seed drying, temperature monitoring during processing of agricultural and sideline products such as tobacco, tea, Chinese herbal medicine drying, and pharmaceutical temperature monitoring.

3. In the chemical industry, chemical equipment works under high temperature and pressure. It is very useful to monitor the thermal distribution of the equipment, determine the equipment's working condition, and detect the thermal loss and thermal leakage of the thermal tunnel interface.

4. In the construction industry, determine the location of its insulation, hidden dangers of cracks, and defects by detecting the heat distribution on the walls, floors, and roofs of buildings. Determine the management of heat consumption in factories and buildings.

5. Infrared thermometers used in the steel industry account for more than half of the total. Measuring and controlling temperature during steelmaking, rolling, casting, and quenching play an important role in improving the quality of the product. The monitoring of thermal faults on furnace walls and mechanical equipment provides a basis for extending service life and safety. 6. In the field of power and electric power, detect abnormal temperature of power equipment, power distribution equipment, cables, electrical connectors, etc. under operating and live conditions to provide a certain guarantee for the safe operation of equipment.

7. In mechanical processing, measuring and controlling the temperature of heat-treated parts plays a key role in product quality.

In short, its application range is very wide, and it is not listed here one by one. It can be seen that infrared thermometers are of great use and have an important role in the development of industry and agriculture.