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Application of Infrared Thermometer in Auto Repair
- 2019-10-10-

With the continuous development of China's car industry, car products have gradually begun to transform from production materials to consumer goods; car buyers also tend to be private; car repair processes have begun to change from traditional repairs to regular maintenance and conditional repairs; cars Repair diagnosis has been carried out from a single diagnosis method to a comprehensive diagnosis. In addition, as people increasingly value the value of time and dependence on vehicles, it is required to be fast, accurate and economical when repairing cars. All these require continuous innovation and innovation to the existing repair methods, repair methods and diagnosis ideas. The innovation here refers to the recombination of different production factors, not inventions. And because the speed of car repair is far slower than that of cars, and this profession has caused many misunderstandings to the outside world, there are fewer people willing to engage in it, and the number of people who provide development and support for this profession is limited. The situation of internal and external attacks forces us to work hard to improve the quality of existing personnel. In addition, in the car repair profession, there is no lack of innovative environment, but what is really lacking is the awareness of innovation. The above is my opinion on the car repair industry, and it can also be said to be hope. Let me share with you some of my experience and experience when using the infrared thermometer.

In actual car repair and inspection, many methods are widely used. These methods include: abnormal sound analysis based on sound changes, wear analysis based on scale changes, data analysis based on signal changes, exhaust gas analysis based on exhaust emissions, Analysis of cylinder pressure and vacuum according to pressure change, temperature analysis according to temperature change, and so on.

In fact, a car is a device that converts thermal and mechanical energy. The principle of the operation of a car is to convert thermal energy into kinetic energy. Therefore, it can be diagnosed by analyzing the temperature. Using a portable infrared thermometer can be very convenient and convenient to view the temperature of the measured part.

In car repair operations, those real problems are often not unheard of, deep technical problems, but often very obvious conventional problems, such as: how to determine whether the water tank is blocked, how to determine whether a certain cylinder is operating How to determine if the brake cylinder return is normal, what causes the brake drum to be too hot, how to determine whether the air conditioning pipeline is blocked, what cylinder is causing the unstable engine operation, how to ensure that the newly replaced rear axle is no longer burned , How to determine whether the three-way catalyst is blocked, and so on. A major feature of this type of problem is the significant change in temperature.

Although there are many advanced instruments and equipment in the process of car repair, for example, the waveform status of sensors and actuators can be seen through an oscilloscope, and the data stream and fault codes can be obtained through the tester. However, these instruments have obtained some raw data. Just like people with uncomfortable gastrointestinal conditions, it ’s not enough to check the condition of food. It ’s not enough to just check the different results according to the actual conditions. Let's analyze the fault of the engine. Of course, it is also a common method to analyze the faults of relevant parts of the car after the temperature changes.

In car repair testing, the use of temperature to analyze car problems has been used for a long time, such as feeling the temperature of the brake with a hand to determine whether the brake is operating normally, feeling the temperature of the air conditioner outlet with a hand to check the cooling status of the air conditioner, and the like. But it is very inaccurate for farmers to feel the temperature by hand, and in many parts of the car, they are afraid to touch it with their hands because the temperature is too high. Therefore, if an infrared thermometer can be used instead of the hand Many problems will be easily resolved. Of course, in order to make good use of the infrared thermometer, it should also be done: relatively accurate measurement, reasonable analysis, mutual verification and case-like reasoning.