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Can infrared cameras pass smoke?
- 2019-09-29-

Due to the characteristics of infrared, compared to visible light, it has a longer wavelength and can penetrate a certain degree of smoke and fog. The general infrared camera chooses a range that can accept infrared rays in the range of 8-14 μm. The transmittance is good. Because of the specific wavelength writing, this part of the infrared can bypass the dust in the air, while other visible light is blocked and scattered by the dust. Let's compare the visible light image with the thermal image in the smoke state.

The reason why we can see the surrounding scenes is because the light emitted by the light source shines on the object, and the light is reflected to the human eye, and the impression is produced by the optic nerve processing. But our naked eyes can only feel visible light, not many rays such as infrared, ultraviolet and X-ray. The reason why an infrared camera can see objects in the dark is because it can accept infrared rays and is processed by an infrared detector, which translates into the impression we can see with the naked eye.

Therefore, this instrument is imaged by collecting thermal radiation from different objects, but its perspective effect is limited. We have seen a lot of infrared perspective photos on the Internet, which are formed by adding filters to infrared technical products, plus a fake photo composed of PS technical processing. Real infrared thermal imagers cannot be worn. If you are transparent, you only need to select the correct wave band to pass through when you encounter objects such as glass. If you encounter an opaque object such as a wall, you cannot penetrate it.

At present, the international airport will have a see-through device for security inspection, but it is beyond the scope of infrared cameras .

So we do n’t have to worry. Setting up an infrared camera at a transportation hub such as an airport or a port will not penetrate clothing and infringe on our privacy. Conversely, setting up an infrared camera is to monitor the entry and exit of suspicious people and quickly screen People with abnormal temperatures can better protect our safety.

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