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Choose where to start with an infrared thermometer
- 2019-09-20-

Infrared thermometers are widely used in various industries. Today Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to know which aspects to choose to choose infrared thermometers:

Performance indicators: such as temperature range, spot size, working wavelength, measurement accuracy, response time, etc .;

Environmental and working conditions: such as ambient temperature, window, display and output, protective accessories, etc .;

Other options: such as ease of use, maintenance and calibration performance, and price, also have a certain impact on the choice of thermometer. With the technology and continuous development, the design and new development of infrared thermometers provide users with various functions and multi-purpose instruments, expanding the choice.

Determine the temperature measurement range: The temperature measurement range is an important performance indicator of the thermometer. Each type of thermometer has its own specific temperature range. Therefore, the user's measured temperature range must be considered accurate and comprehensive, neither too narrow nor too wide.

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