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Application of infrared camera in steel industry
- 2019-09-19-

Infrared cameras are a very good and useful exploration technology that can assist us in efficient exploration and make our work more useful and efficient. Let's take a look at the effects of infrared cameras in the steel industry.

Top: View of Blast Furnace

At present, the requirements for ironmaking blast furnaces are very high, and the materials added to them need to be evenly dispersed. The effect of the infrared camera is to measure the material dispersion from the top of the furnace, and then perform thermal imaging to provide us with reliable Data support, and then adjust the traffic and so on. In this process, the application of the infrared thermal imaging camera can well deal with the problems of timing and quantity of material input, and at the same time, it can better protect the ironmaking blast furnace, save energy and reduce consumption, and extend the service life of the ironmaking blast furnace. .

Second: Viewing and controlling the product temperature

The use of infrared thermal imaging cameras can help us to explore the quality of useful products to prevent product damage or quality problems. The effects of infrared thermal imaging cameras include the detection of steel ingot temperature, the inspection of continuous casting slab temperature, and steel molds. The measurement of temperature and the measurement and control of the temperature of the slab that is baked are monitored and measured from each link to ensure that the final product quality is guaranteed.

The above is a related introduction about the effect of the infrared thermal imaging camera in the steel industry. It reminds us that the application of the infrared thermal imaging camera can bring us a lot of help, pass the quality of steel, the safety of equipment use and the extension of life. And the improvement of people's work efficiency, etc. have played a crucial role, so we expect that we can use it as soon as possible.