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Infrared thermometer band selection tips sharing
- 2019-09-10-

The choice of the infrared thermometer's band is still very important. Today, Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand:

(A) Determine the working wavelength according to the temperature measurement range

Planck's radiation law shows that for objects close to the black body, the higher the temperature, the greater the radiation energy, and the peak wavelength moves toward the short-wave direction as the temperature increases. Therefore, from the perspective of energy utilization, short-wave is generally used for high temperature measurement. Low-temperature measurement uses long wave, and medium-temperature measurement is in between.

(B) Determine the working wavelength based on the emissivity of the object

In general, the objects to be measured are various. A thermometer cannot meet the requirements of various measured objects at the same time. For those objects that are neither black body nor gray body, the selection of the working wavelength cannot be determined based on the measurement range only. It is mainly determined according to the change of the emissivity of the measured object with the wavelength. For example, polymer plastics at 3.43 μm or 7.9 μm, glass at 5 μm, and clean flames containing only CO2 and NOX have a large emissivity at 4.5 μm. In order to measure these objects, the thermometer must be specially selected for these tasks wavelength.

(C) Determine the operating wavelength based on the atmospheric transmission spectrum

The infrared radiation thermometer receives the radiant energy of the measured object and passes through the middle atmosphere. In order to reduce the influence of atmospheric absorption on the measurement results, in addition to considering the above-mentioned factors when selecting the working wavelength, it is also necessary to pay attention to the selection of some windows of atmospheric transmitted radiation.

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