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Unique advantages of thermal imagers
- 2019-08-31-

Today, Wuxi Jixiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand the unique advantages of thermal imagers:

A. Monitoring of targets at night and in bad weather conditions At night, due to well-known reasons, visible light equipment can no longer work normally. If artificial lighting is used, the target is easily exposed. If low-light night vision equipment is used, it also works in the visible light band and still needs external light illumination. The infrared thermal imager passively receives the infrared thermal radiation of the target itself, and can work normally regardless of day and night, and will not expose itself. Also in bad weather conditions such as rain and fog, because the wavelength of visible light is short and the ability to overcome obstacles is poor, the observation effect is poor, but the wavelength of infrared light is longer, especially for thermal imagers working in the range of 8 to 14um. The ability of rain and fog is high, so the target can still be observed normally. Therefore, at night and in bad weather conditions, infrared thermal imaging monitoring equipment can be used to monitor various targets such as people and vehicles.

B. Fire monitoring Because the infrared thermal imager is a device that reflects the surface temperature of the object, it can be used as an on-site monitoring at night and also as an effective fire alarm device. In large areas of forests, fires are often not obvious. The hidden fire was triggered. This is the root cause of a devastating fire, and it is difficult to find such hidden fire signs using the existing common methods. And the application of infrared thermal imager can quickly and effectively find these hidden fires, and can accurately determine the location and scope of the fire, through the smoke to find the ignition point, so that early detection, early prevention, early extinguishment.

C. Identification of camouflage and hidden targets Ordinary camouflage is mainly based on preventing visible light observation. Generally, criminals commit crimes hidden in the grass and woods. Due to the harsh environment in the wild and the human visual illusion, it is easy to produce wrong judgments. The infrared thermal imaging device passively accepts the target's own thermal radiation. The temperature of the human body and the vehicle and the infrared radiation are generally much higher than the temperature of the vegetation and infrared radiation. Therefore, it is not easy to camouflage and it is not easy to make false judgments. With the development of optoelectronic information, microelectronics, network communication, digital video, multimedia technology and sensing technology, security monitoring technology has moved from traditional analog to highly integrated digital, intelligent, and networked.

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