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Application of medical infrared thermal imaging instrument
- 2019-08-22-

Today, Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand the specific application of medical infrared thermal imaging instruments:

Nervous system diagnostic applications

Vascular functional diseases characterized by bidirectional changes of intracranial and external blood vessels, cervical and lumbar vertebral joint diseases, single or multiple peripheral nerve damage, neuritis, etc., can be characterized by thermal imaging to reflect the vegetative nerve of the lesion Regulate skin temperature affected by changes in vasomotor function. Furthermore, it indirectly prompts the state of neural function, and indirectly predicts related neurological diseases. Provide strong evidence for doctors to accurately diagnose the disease.

Clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Different medical systems using the same technical methods can get less consistent diagnostic conclusions. In traditional Chinese medicine, the application of infrared thermal imaging cameras for TCM auxiliary dialectics is also classified into the categories of chills, yin, and asthenia. In some lesions, when the temperature is prominent, it is treated by clearing heat and bleeding. When the temperature is prominent, it is treated by warming up. The infrared thermal imaging method is based on the principle of acupuncture and assists in medical treatment. It can be understood from one side that acupuncture is part of the traditional Chinese medical treatment. Local acupuncture for certain lesions in the human body can improve, reduce or disappear the lesions. Observation of thermographs shows that some symptoms (such as goiter lesions) significantly increase the local temperature after acupuncture, reflecting the improvement of blood circulation after acupuncture. Local metabolism increased.

Diagnosis of metabolic diseases (diabetes)

Diabetes is a typical metabolic functional disease, which is closely related to human body temperature. Using a medical infrared camera to diagnose diabetes is obviously more reliable than the usual blood glucose test. The abnormal metabolic function of diabetes mostly occurs in the microcirculation site. By applying a temperature load method, abnormal functional conditions can be induced in a short time, and metabolic abnormalities in the body are induced to the body surface by temperature changes. Of course, the body surface temperature is also affected by various surrounding environments, so the environment and measurement results must be properly processed during the measurement process to obtain correct conclusion data for metabolic disease.