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Infrared thermal imager purchase tips sharing
- 2019-08-21-

The application fields of infrared thermal imagers are constantly expanding, involving industrial, medical, and even consumer fields. With the popularity of high-performance infrared cameras, what do I need to pay attention to when purchasing infrared cameras?

A. High-sensitivity clear imaging

Infrared camera imaging is based on the temperature of the object. If the imaging effect is clearer, it is recommended that the thermal sensitivity be high, which can distinguish small temperature differences, and greatly improve the imaging accuracy. The higher the sensitivity of the infrared camera, the better the imaging effect, and the higher the resolution of the specific location of the fault point.

B. Select high infrared resolution

The detector pixel of an infrared camera is called infrared resolution. It is similar to visible light. The higher the pixels, the sharper the image, the higher the pixels, the more temperature data, and the higher the accuracy of the imaging.

C. Choose different FOV according to different situations

The field of view refers to the horizontal and vertical angles of the infrared camera. The larger the angle, the wider the angle, such as a wide-angle lens. The smaller the angle you see, the smaller you see, such as a long focal length mirror. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right lens according to different situations.

D. Select different types according to the principle of job requirements

Infrared thermal imaging cameras have different working principles, which are mainly divided into thermal detection principles and optical detection principles, so the infrared thermal imaging camera is distinguished from the difference between the two. The thermal detection sensitivity is better than light detection, but it does not require refrigeration. Inspection and production of imaging effects of semiconductor materials.

The above are some tips when buying an infrared thermal imager