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Application of Infrared Thermometer in Aluminum Industry
- 2019-08-08-

In the steel industry, glass industry, plastic industry, petrochemical industry, infrared thermometers have many uses such as:

1. When measuring a temperature object, it can provide temperature measurement quickly. When reading the time of a leaking connection point with a thermocouple, the temperature of almost all connection points can be read with an online infrared thermometer. In addition, because of its solidity. Lightweight and easy to install, the standard thread on the metal casing can be quickly connected to the installation site; at the same time, various options (such as purge protection sleeve, adjustable mounting bracket, three-dimensional adjustable installation) Bracket, digital display meter, etc.) to meet the requirements of various working conditions.

2. The online infrared thermometer can safely read inaccessible or unreachable target temperature, and can read the target temperature within the range allowed by the instrument. Non-contact temperature measurement can also be performed in areas that are unsafe or difficult to contact, making measurement as easy as measuring at hand.

3.On-line infrared thermometers are particularly important for preventive maintenance, such as monitoring harsh production conditions and special events that will cause equipment damage or downtime.

Application of on-line infrared thermometer in the aluminum industry --- importance of temperature measurement in the aluminum industry The importance of temperature measurement in the aluminum industry In all industrial industries, temperature measurement is one of the important measurement items. In the aluminum industry, temperature measurement is also an essential part of production process control. Non-contact temperature measurement with infrared thermometers is becoming increasingly important.

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