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Do you know the design points of the infrared thermometer?
- 2019-08-07-

Infrared thermometers can detect not only metals but also dielectrics such as paper, glass, wood and plastic.

Design points of infrared thermometer:

1. The infrared lens of the infrared thermometer should ensure that the temperature and wavelength to be measured completely pass.

2. The detector of the infrared thermometer uses a suitable wavelength.

3. The high-precision amplifier should use a high-precision amplifier.

4. The reference source of the AD converter is high-precision.

5. The signal collected by the infrared thermometer should be processed by linearization. Filtered and converted to temperature.

6. It should be used in the industrial field, and protection circuit should be added, and the output should use 4-20ma current output circuit with strong anti-interference ability.

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