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How to measure temperature with infrared thermometer
- 2019-08-01-

In order to measure accurate data, the instrument needs to be pointed at the object to be measured, and the ratio of distance and spot size and field of view must be arranged. There are a few important things to keep in mind when using an infrared thermometer:

A. It only measures the surface temperature. The infrared thermometer cannot measure the internal temperature.

B. Long wave cannot measure temperature through glass, but can measure temperature through infrared window.

C. Locate the hotspot. To find the hotspot, the instrument aims at the target, and then scans up and down on the target until the hotspot is determined.

D. Pay attention to environmental conditions: steam, dust, smoke, etc. It blocks the optical system of the instrument and affects temperature measurement.

E. Ambient temperature. If the thermometer is suddenly exposed to a temperature difference of 20 degrees or higher, allow the instrument to adjust to the new ambient temperature within 20 minutes.

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