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How can the infrared thermal imager be damaged?
- 2019-07-19-

A. Electrical equipment failure

Common faults of infrared thermal imagers are divided into internal and external parts. First, we will discuss the cause of the internal failure of the instrument. The thermal imager must be powered to operate, and if there is a problem with the internal circuit, the instrument will be damaged. Various failures due to circuit failure and deterioration of the insulation medium. There were no major changes on the surface of the instrument, but the internal precision instruments were damaged a lot. During use, pay attention to the stability of the current. Before and after use, pay attention to checking the internal faults of the instrument. Once used, the machine's body becomes hotter and there may be problems inside the machine.

B. Damaged internal parts

Internal damage to the thermal imaging camera may also be caused by damage to internal components. For example, part of the contact resistance is caused by too large, too much resistance will cause rapid aging of the insulating material. In addition to the reasons for resistance, the internal components of the instrument will also cause damage to the weather. If the weather is too wet, the parts will get wet, and the degree of wear of the parts will increase.

C. Damage to external parts

The internal causes of the damage of the infrared camera were expounded, and the causes of external damage were discussed. In fact, the cause of external damage to the instrument far exceeds the cause of internal damage. The most likely cause of damage to the instrument is the operator's excessive force during operation. This seemingly hidden damage may cause serious damage to the instrument. When we use it, we must pay attention to controlling their power and use the instrument carefully. Even if damage is not considered, the infrared camera will be damaged by the oxidation of air, which will cause the machine casing to rust. It can be said that nothing can be broken, and all we can do is mitigate the damage.

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