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What are the applications of infrared thermal imager monitoring?
- 2019-06-26-

What are the main aspects of infrared thermal imager monitoring?

Not afraid of bad weather and still perform well

Thermal imaging network cameras still perform well in harsh environments, not only working normally in completely dark environments, but also maintaining good operation in harsh weather conditions such as mist, rain, snow and smoke. In addition, thermal cameras will not lose their ability to monitor under strong light or laser beams. Using this technology, people can clearly observe the situation in front of the battlefield in smokeless clouds at night, which is based on this feature. Infrared thermal imaging technology provides advanced night vision equipment for the field of security monitoring. An "all-weather" surveillance system was installed for the security monitoring project. At present, China's high-speed rail, high-speed and other places are equipped with thermal imagers, from the military to high-speed high-speed rail thermal imaging technology to achieve the transition of civilians.


Intelligent video surveillance and identification for fires

Because the infrared thermal imager is a device that reflects the surface temperature of an object, it can be used as an on-site monitoring at night, as well as an effective fire alarm device. For example, in large-scale forests, fires are often caused by invisible hidden fires. This is the root cause of destructive fires. With existing common surveillance systems, it is difficult to find such hidden fire signs. However, using an infrared thermal imager, these hidden fires can be detected quickly and effectively, and the location and scope of the fire can be accurately determined. The ignition point can be found through the smoke, and the fire can be eliminated in the bud stage.

Capable of video surveillance and identification of camouflaged and hidden targets

Common camouflage is based on preventing visible light observation. Generally, criminals commit crimes hidden in the grass and woods. Due to the harsh environment in the wild and the human visual illusion, it is easy to produce wrong judgments. The infrared thermal imaging device passively accepts the target's own thermal radiation. The temperature of the human body and the vehicle and the infrared radiation are generally much higher than the temperature of the vegetation and infrared radiation. Therefore, it is not easy to camouflage and it is not easy to make false judgments.

It can effectively monitor and identify border defenses and perimeter intrusions from a long distance. Our country's borders are long and the ocean is vast. Due to the harsh outdoor environment, especially in the days of rain, snow, fog and wind, many systems May well serve as a preventive function, not to mention alerting through intelligent analysis. If personnel are used for patrols and observations are made with telescopes, the observation wavelength is often short, which makes the observation effect unsatisfactory, and it is impossible to achieve all-weather, which will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of missed inspection, misinspection and misinspection.

The infrared thermal imager can detect the infrared radiation of different objects, so it can be observed from a long distance, especially suitable for rainy weather. If an infrared thermal imager is placed in the border area, the case of illegal immigrants can be successfully cracked. Obviously, its efficiency is much higher than manual inspection.

Inspection and quarantine human body temperature detection and tracking of transit personnel

The entry and exit ports such as airports under the jurisdiction of the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau have a large number of people, busy and crowded, and complicated situations. The corresponding tasks of entry-exit passengers inspection and quarantine are very heavy. At the same time, in recent years, with the epidemic and outbreak of infectious diseases such as SARS and bird flu, the backward traditional inspection and quarantine work is facing more and more severe challenges. In order to ensure the safe and smooth customs clearance of entry-exit passengers under the new situation, and carry forward the spirit of advancing with the times, we adopt * new thinking and * new methods to establish a set of advanced technology and highly automated infrared body temperature monitoring system to effectively improve port entry and exit People's ability to detect infectious diseases and establish a good social image of inspection and quarantine.

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