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Features of different types of thermal imaging cameras
- 2019-05-29-

Infrared cameras have become one of the essential instruments in our daily life, production and operation. As one of the commonly used instruments in people's daily work, it is inevitable to show problems in use, but if we can understand infrared The characteristics of the defects of the thermal imager will be handled well after the defects appear, and then it will not affect our normal days and operations. In order to better control the thermal imaging camera, now let us learn about the varieties and characteristics of the thermal imaging camera.

Number one, external problems

External faults refer to problems that occur on the surface of the thermal imaging camera, which are easily discovered and relatively easy to handle and resolve. This kind of fault is more likely to cause all the problems caused by the thermal imaging camera. Therefore, it accounts for As a result, its share has increased. The symptoms of this kind of problem are: part of the temperature will rise, and the condition deteriorates faster. It is its characteristic. If these problems can not be dealt with in time, it will inevitably increase the degree of the problem, and even cause accidents. Therefore, Be sure to deal with this external problem early. In addition, it is relatively easy to find the faulty location with an infrared camera.

Second, internal problems

In contrast to the external faults mentioned above, internal faults occur inside the thermal imaging camera, so what is not simply discovered by the human eye is also a more difficult problem to deal with and resolve. This kind of fault occurs in the thermal imaging camera. The probability is relatively small, so its share is also relatively small. After the onset of this kind of problem, some of the temperature rises and falls are small, but the damage is large and it is not easy to be found. Therefore, the requirements for the infrared camera equipment are relatively high. Because the internal damage is greater, we must check the infrared camera on time to find out its existence or potential danger in time, and we can deal with these problems in time, reduce the danger, and ensure the smoothness of the day and operation.

After understanding and studying the characteristics of the defects of the thermal imaging camera, we trust that we have grasped the varieties and characteristics of the thermal imaging camera. As long as the types and characteristics of the thermal imaging camera faults are grasped, we can accurately identify and deal with them in time after the thermal imaging camera malfunctions. It will not let ordinary thermal imaging camera problems affect our normal operations. Driving an infrared camera makes us the true masters of the infrared camera.