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How Infrared Cameras Get Into Life
- 2019-05-21-

Infrared thermal imager use scale includes power system occupation, construction occupation, electronic skills occupation, night vision monitoring, process occupation and so on. In the use of these occupations, the infrared thermal imager is mainly praised for its superior conditions. The working principle of the infrared thermal imager is very simple. The actual working condition is confirmed by the heating of the object, so there is no dead end in the work.

We know that in production and life, there are many that cannot be monitored, and these monitoring dead ends may cause serious losses. Infrared thermal imagers are widely used because they can measure the temperature inside the device and the measurement results are accurate. As in the power system profession, the use of infrared thermal imaging camera skills will greatly assist the work. For monitoring in a power plant, the general monitoring system uses a temperature measuring element to measure the temperature, and uses a temperature sensor to feedback the temperature, so as to achieve the monitoring function. Of course, this temperature measurement is sometimes forbidden, and it is likely to show false alarms. Displaying false alarms will also have a great impact on the power plant. If the temperature measurement components in key parts show problems and generate false alarms, the unit may be shut down. This will cause a great loss of the power plant, especially For thermal power plants, we must know that each start-up of a thermal power plant costs tens of thousands of yuan. If a jump occurs, not only the loss of materials, but also the disciplined assessment of dispatching. After the infrared thermal imager temperature measurement can effectively solve the temperature problem, it can quickly respond to false alarms. Because the temperature in the generator set is too high, it is impossible to measure it, and some of the internal components of the generator set are heating. It can't be measured, so it can be measured by infrared thermal imager. It can measure the temperature inside the generator set, which is very convenient. It can quickly determine whether it is a false alarm, deal with the scene incident in time, and solve the problem at a faster speed.

The use scale of infrared thermal imagers is not only power occupations, but also very important in night vision monitoring occupations. Since ordinary industrial cameras cannot clearly see the night environment, infrared thermal imagers confirm the surrounding environment by heating objects. In this way, you can know the situation at night very clearly. This can effectively avoid misjudgments. For example, some small animals announce movements and so on. It can reduce the workload of security personnel. This is also used in other professions to make supervision easier.

Infrared thermal imagers are widely used. I believe that through continuous promotion, this skill can be used in more occupations, serve the broader industry, and facilitate all production lines, laying the foundation for the transformation of production methods. Skills will also benefit more professions.