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Introduction to the Simple Principle of Infrared Camera
- 2019-05-14-

With the development of science and technology, our days are more and more inseparable from machinery. The use of machinery is our frequency faster and faster, and the power of operations is getting higher and higher, so the night navigation that we normally use What (it is the use of infrared camera in the day), then how to use the principle of infrared camera to achieve night navigation?

It uses the principle of infrared thermal imaging, so what are the characteristics of infrared thermal imaging cameras? A well-known American infrared scholar pointed out that the history of human beings can be divided into three major stages. One stage is when people start to make utensils by themselves and use some things to complete the labor in their days. The second stage in the history of human development can be considered and judged by your own brain. At the beginning, some judgments in thought are learned. The third stage in the history of human development is now. Using machinery to lighten people's burdens. At this stage, infrared cameras are now an important skill that we can't do without. Because this skill seems to increase our human senses. I think through this passage, everyone now knows the importance of infrared imaging skills to our lives, because many objects around us will only be declared regulatory when their temperature reaches a thousand degrees or more, but infrared The launch has real time.

In comparison, everything around us will announce a large number of infrared rays above zero. For example, we can calculate that we can test that the infrared energy emitted by a normal person is about 100 watts. Therefore, infrared radiation should be more common in everything we know about radiation. Of course, infrared radiation has two other important characteristics besides its generality in thermal radiation.

1. Although the Earth's atmosphere and dizziness can absorb near-infrared rays, it cannot absorb infrared rays in some bands. Therefore, the infrared rays located in these infrared bands are also called infrared new atmospheric windows. We can use this window to clearly see the things ahead in the absence of light. Because of this feature, the imaging skills of infrared cameras are not only used pessimistically in the military, but also used in observations during the day.

2. The amount of energy radiated by an object has a great relationship with the external temperature of the object. This feature of heat radiation not only enables people to use it to perform non-touch temperature measurement and thermal state analysis of objects, but also provides an important aspect for industrial production, energy conservation, environmental maintenance, etc. Testing methods and diagnostic tools.