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Introduction to the operating principle of the infrared camera
- 2019-05-06-

The onset of each new instrument is not just a long journey of exploration and discovery, but each discovery follows a number of objective laws. Infrared camera as an instrument that sprouted during the Second World War and developed rapidly is no exception.

First, it uses the principle of infrared. At a certain temperature, an object can not only radiate electromagnetic waves, but also cause some irregular molecular and atomic movements and release energy. Infrared radiation, as a common electromagnetic radiation in daily life, has long been widely used in people's days. And the different levels in production. Secondly, he also used the principle of infrared thermal imaging. Infrared and x-rays, y-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, etc. constitute a complete electromagnetic spectrum. The carbon dioxide and cloud smoke in the atmosphere are bright for infrared rays of 3-5 microns or 8-14 microns. To clearly see what is happening at night, you can use ultraviolet rays. Infrared thermal imager It is an infrared thermal imaging instrument, which was used earlier in the military field.

Nowadays, with the current social and economic development and technological progress, it has been widely used in many enterprises. Shanghai Juge Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has researched and developed infrared focal plane arrays and thermal imagers, and has the property rights of all independent common sense including the center detector chip and thermal imager system. This company has not only won various government funding and honors including the China Organization Department Thousand Talents Program, but also has a professional team that has been formed by masters and doctoral students from Tsinghua, China University of Science and Technology, Princeton University and other famous universities. In this way, the company provides the mall with a wide range of cost-effective thermal imaging cameras. Let's take a look at some of the maintenance knowledge introduced by thermal imaging camera manufacturers. We not only need to understand the operating principle of the infrared camera, but also need to grasp some of its maintenance knowledge. At the top of the list, protect the display. The common sense of maintenance of the infrared camera must first protect the display of the camera. Since it is an important part of all the instruments, it is often necessary to clean the display with a clean cloth. Second, the lens cap must be closed. The common sense of maintenance of the infrared camera must be carefully covered with the lens cap of the camera. Since this is an important channel for dust to enter the instrument, in order to avoid affecting the imaging effect, it must be covered after using the instrument. lens cap.

Infrared camera is a fine type of instrument for measuring temperature, so we must follow some precautions when using it. It is not only necessary to understand but also to use some maintenance common sense, which will help to maximize the effectiveness of the instrument and extend the service life of the instrument. We should use the infrared camera scientifically and protect and maintain it carefully.