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How thermal imagers can improve quality of life
- 2019-04-24-

Maybe we don't know much about thermal imaging cameras, but thermal imaging cameras are widely used by us. The full name of thermal imager is infrared thermal imager. It transforms invisible infrared waves emitted by objects into visible thermal images after a messy process. In view of this, the slender temperature is different. What we are familiar with is the police bandit. The moving human figure flashing on the monitor screen at night is the dedication of the thermal imager. Of course, it's not limited to movies. It can be said that it's with you, just that you didn't find it.

The effect of the thermal imager is temperature measurement and thermal imaging, which can easily distinguish the slenderness of the temperature of the object, thereby imaging the thermal image of different colors, and we can distinguish the internal structure of the object through the color discrimination different. Therefore, it can be used for the maintenance and repair of all circuits and power supply equipment to ensure that all electrical equipment running in the day is free from hidden dangers such as line aging and short circuits. In the field of cars, the effects of thermal imaging cameras are also widely used. Thermal imaging cameras are required for car brake discs, temperature control modes, and engine circuit design. It has an important effect on improving the quality and safety of cars. Not to mention in the field of electronic digital, digital electronic component temperature test, notebook heat dissipation test, product function test, and small component test all go to the thermal imager, which can ensure that every digital product that appears in our hands It is the situation to safety, high function. Of course, less well known is the use of thermal imaging cameras in the medical field. A large part of the body's temperature depends on the blood circulation. Different blood flow conditions within the same arrangement can reflect different pathological conditions of the arrangement, thereby helping to confirm the diagnosis. The common diagnosis of vascular diseases, such as atherosclerotic occlusive disease, arterial thrombosis, aneurysm, is also used for the diagnosis of tumors. The principle is that tumors grow and metabolize vigorously, and the surrounding blood circulation circulates faster. Creates a different thermal image from the normal arrangement.

From the above you can see that although the effect of the thermal imager is only for thermographic and thermal imaging, it ensures our lives and improves our survival and quality of life. It can be said that because of it, we are now so safe and convenient, and because of it, many areas are capable of continuous innovation and development.