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What happens to the infrared thermal imager
- 2019-04-23-

Infrared thermal imager can improve the quality of the monitoring system and ensure the normal and stable monitoring, which brings us great benefits. However, in the process of use, we often encounter some problems. We need to do a good job of checking and handling the relevant conditions, so that we can ensure that it will work for us lasting and ensure that the monitoring operation is carried out in an orderly manner. Here we come to do a classification analysis of this situation, hoping to help us.

For different infrared thermal imager problems, we need to analyze it in detail before we can find a corresponding treatment method to ensure that the instrument can return to normal as soon as possible. Common infrared thermal imager problems include the following:

1. Incorrect or incorrect connection of the line, this is one of the common causes of the faults of the infrared thermal imager. If the line problem is not handled properly, it will be very simple to present a short circuit, an open circuit, etc., causing damage to the function of the device. In view of this situation, we should calmly analyze and find out, find line problems, and connect them to places to ensure that our monitoring equipment can run for a long time.

2. The function parameters are not set properly. The fault of the infrared thermal imager may also be due to our incorrect settings, which causes problems with the communication interface and communication protocol and affects the monitoring effect. Therefore, when we set the parameters, we must pay attention to them and set the parameters in accordance with the relevant requirements to ensure that our testing operations can continue normally.

3. The characteristic impedance of the transmission cable is not suitable. When the monitor screen presents a problem, it may be due to the transmission cable showing a poor condition that affects the picture quality, so we must also pay attention to this problem.

The above is a related introduction about the defects of the infrared thermal imager. This is a relatively high-tech system with a suitably complex structure. In the process of use, we must adhere to a high degree of attention to prevent the occurrence of problems as much as possible. The monitoring operations and even the functions of the equipment cause adverse effects.