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What are the industrial applications of thermal imagers
- 2019-03-26-

I. Background Overview

Most electrical equipment shows abnormal temperature rises before they show up

Thermal imager can detect abnormal temperature rise of electrical equipment. It is a good fault detection method currently recognized in the power sector and is listed as an important part of condition maintenance operations.

Handheld thermal imagers are now available

Infrared night vision function is an important method for night surveillance, and it is the basis of existing video surveillance methods.

Limitations of handheld infrared instruments in practical use

1. The detection time of the thermal imager is often early in the morning (mainly determined by reasons such as load and infrared imaging interference), and manual detection is difficult;

2. Many substations have long distances, and on-site testing by testing personnel consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and the timeliness is poor;

3. It is impossible to complete continuous observation and analysis of the development trend of some special problems;

4. Some old equipment are prone to problems, and they occur suddenly and rapidly. Failure to detect and eliminate them in time may cause an accident;

5.The temperature rise of most voltage heating problems suddenly and the temperature difference is very small, it is difficult to identify the handheld infrared.

System introduction

The main function of the system

1.Using the front-end online infrared monitoring unit to periodically perform infrared heat map collection on preset high-voltage equipment according to the inspection plan

2.Background analysis and diagnosis software performs automatic intelligent diagnosis and analysis on the infrared spectrum collected on the scene, alarms the potential danger of thermal problems, guides maintenance, and prevents problems

3. Establish infrared diagnosis and analysis knowledge base, standardize fault image information database, fault imaging equipment infrared imaging history library, complete expert long-distance diagnosis knowledge sharing and training channels

4. Support the diagnosis and analysis of handheld thermal image atlas of various brands, and generate the diagnosis report required for maintenance

System advantages

1. The thermal imager uses the products of the FLIR company in the infrared category, with clear imaging, accurate temperature measurement and stable products;

2. The equipment uses a vanadium oxide movement, which can be directly exposed to sunlight (not possible for domestic brands);

3. 360-degree rotating high-precision digital head, accurate positioning without offset;

4. The one-line communication design is adopted, and all the equipment communicates, and the control interface is only a network cable;

5. It is in full compliance with the red foreign standard DLT 664-2008, with a temperature-calibrated black body, which can be calibrated to freeze the measured object

6. A powerful background analysis and diagnosis company, and can support the main stream portable thermal imaging camera heat map diagnosis and analysis;

7. There have been 79 sets of successful cases in the power system, and the system has been tested in practice and is stable and reliable;