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Management method of infrared thermometer
- 2019-03-08-

The outside line thermometer has the advantages of sensitive response, good linearity, high accuracy, and is not affected by the temperature and viscosity of the measured medium during the measurement process. It is widely used in various aspects. Today Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. teaches you a few ways to manage infrared thermometers:

A. Establish the operating file of the infrared thermometer, including the manufacturer, model, production date, installation location, pipe diameter, calibration time, etc. of the thermometer to facilitate the maintenance and management of the instrument.

B. Strengthen inspections and inspections and conduct regular test calibration. We mainly use two methods, one is to use a relatively high precision portable thermometer and infrared thermometer to measure and compare; the second is to use a flow meter calibrator to verify and check the flow converter Whether the technical indicators are correct, and test data are archived.

C. Compare the test data with the previous test results, carefully analyze the suspicious data that appears, find the possible causes, deal with them in time, and make an analysis report of the operation of the thermometer.

What is the difference between an infrared two-color thermometer and a night vision device? First, the night vision device can only work under the black infrared thermometer at night, but the infrared thermometer is not affected by the environment, even during the day. Normal work. ?

Infrared thermometers have the ability to detect the infrared radiation of targets by means of infrared detectors and optical imaging objectives. The infrared optical fiber thermometer is not affected by the external environment, and has a wider detection range. It can identify and detect camouflage targets, has strong anti-interference ability, and plays an important role in various industries. The trend to replace night vision.

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