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The unique role of thermal imaging cameras in power detection
- 2019-02-22-

Power supply is an important part of all electrical appliances. In the electronic equipment industry, people compare the power module to the " heart " of electronic equipment and electronic systems , and the power supply is also the link that carries large power in the electrical system.

Infrared camera can exert its advantages in the power supply industry. Due to its unique advantages, it can supplement the shortcomings of traditional detection methods, effectively improve the quality of power products, improve the efficiency of power conversion, and improve the level of system performance.

As for the power supply in the development and use, because of its particularity, many engineers will complain that the existing methods are difficult to support them to perform a detailed and comprehensive temperature field description, it is not convenient to operate together, and the original temperature field distribution may be changed, such as:


Compared with data collectors and infrared spot thermometers, infrared cameras have their own advantages:

b) The response speed is fast, less than 10 c) Using the supporting infrared analysis software, the user can analyze the obtained power temperature data specifically and comprehensively without having to be on site, and generate a complete temperature report together.