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Introduction to the contact method of infrared thermometer
- 2019-01-23-

Infrared temperature measurement technology plays an important role in the production process in product quality control and monitoring, equipment online fault diagnosis and safety protection, and energy conservation. In the past 20 years, non-contact infrared human body thermometers have developed rapidly in technology, with constant improvements in performance, continuous enhancement of functions, increasing varieties, and expanding scope of application.

There are many ways to contact the infrared thermometer . Today, Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to know:

Radiant heat exchange

Substances that do not reflect or emit any infrared energy are called black bodies and are not known to exist naturally. For theoretical calculations, however, a true black body gives a value of 1. The closest approximation to the black body emissivity is 1.0, which can be achieved in real life. It is an IR opaque spherical cavity with a small tubular entrance. The inner surface of such a sphere will have an emissivity of 0.998.

Electromagnetic spectrum

Although infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye, it is helpful to think of it as visible when dealing with measurement principles and considering applications, because in many ways it works in the same way as visible light. Infrared energy travels straight along the source and can be reflected and absorbed through the surface of the material in its path. For most solid objects that are opaque to the human eye, part of the infrared energy hitting the surface of the object will be absorbed and part of it will be reflected. Of the energy absorbed by the object, some will be re-emitted and some will be internally reflected. This also applies to materials that are transparent to the eye, such as glass, gas, and thin, transparent plastic, but in addition some IR energy can also pass through objects.


Different kinds of materials and gases have different emissivity, so they will emit infrared with different intensities for a given temperature. The emissivity of a material or gas is a function of its molecular structure and surface characteristics. It is not a general color function unless the color of the light source is the body of a completely different material. A practical example is metallic coatings containing large amounts of aluminum. Most paints have the same emissivity regardless of skin color, but aluminum has a very different emissivity, so the emissivity of metallic paints will be modified.

The above is the introduction of the contact method of infrared thermometer

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