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Introduction of four main application fields of infrared thermal imager
- 2018-11-24-

Introduction of the main application fields of infrared thermal imager

A: Petrochemical industry

The production environment of the petrochemical industry is very harsh and the requirements for monitoring and inspection are also very strict. Therefore, infrared thermal imagers that can adapt to various environments for effective monitoring have become the preferred choice of the petrochemical industry, and can effectively be used for petroleum refining professional The staff solved various problems and preventive maintenance of daily petrochemical refining equipment.

B: Power industry

It is common to use infrared thermal imagers for preventive inspections in major power industries. Different power companies are using this instrument for real-time monitoring to avoid costly failures such as electrical fires and provide operational Safety and reliability.

C: Steel industry

As everyone knows, the iron and steel industry is a high-temperature industry. Therefore, it is also necessary to use infrared thermal imagers that can monitor without any temperature conditions to perform daily thermal measurement in order to meet the production of high-quality steel to prevent various accidents.

D: Construction industry

The use of infrared thermal imager can quickly display the dryness and wetness of building materials, monitor various moisture sources in materials, quickly find the root cause of problems for construction projects, and improve the quality of materials and use efficiency to avoid being damaged. .

The above are the four major areas of infrared thermal imaging cameras shared by thermal imager companies.

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