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Common faults and solutions of infrared thermal imager
- 2018-11-24-

Infrared thermal imaging technology has applications in both the military and the civilian world, beginning with military use and gradually turning to civilian use. It is generally called a thermal imager in civil applications, and is mainly used in research and development or industrial inspection and equipment protection.

A thermal imager uses an infrared detector and an optical imaging objective lens to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the measured target and reflect it on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector, and then obtain an infrared thermal image. This thermal image and the thermal dispersion of the surface of the object The field corresponds. Popularly speaking, a thermal imager is to convert the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal picture. The different colors on the top of the thermal image represent different temperatures of the measured object.

So how to solve the problem that the thermal imaging camera Ru'an presents in the use? Today Wuxi Shixiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand:

1. Incorrect or faulty connection of the line, this is one of the common causes of the defects of the infrared thermal imager. If the problem of the line is not handled properly, it will be very easy to present short circuit, open circuit and other conditions, and the function of the equipment will be damaged. In view of this situation, we should calmly analyze and investigate, find line problems, and connect them to the local area to ensure that our monitoring equipment can run for a long time.
2. The function parameters are not set properly. The fault of the infrared thermal imager may also be due to the improper settings of everyone, which may cause problems such as communication interfaces and communication protocols, affecting the monitoring effect. Therefore, when you set the parameters, you must pay attention to them and set the parameters according to the relevant requirements to ensure that our testing can continue normally.
3. The characteristic impedance of the transmission cable is not suitable. When the monitor screen presents a problem, it may be because the transmission cable presents a poor condition that affects the picture quality, so everyone should pay attention to this problem.

The above are the common problems and solutions of infrared camera.