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A few details to note when using an infrared thermal imager
- 2018-11-24-

Infrared thermal imagers are often used in equipment maintenance due to their functional characteristics. Such high-precision instruments require outstanding protection. Improper use will cause damage and inaccurate measurement of the infrared camera, affecting the use of the effect, so three cases should be noted before and after use.

1. Ensure the integrity of parts when the instrument is in use

Before use, you should check whether the components of the thermal imaging camera are complete. Without any components, the thermal imaging camera will be affected. Together, after use, you should also check clearly, especially to cover the lens cap, the physical object should be put back, and placed in professional storage tools.

2. Pay more attention to the environment when using the equipment.

The application of the infrared camera is professional, and it cannot make the lens a powerful energy source or long-term exposure to sunlight, otherwise it will damage the detector; do not use it outdoors in rainy days, the water of the instrument will cause damage to the machine; The ambient temperature is too low; when it is used outdoors at dusk or cloudy, the ambient temperature has little effect on the accuracy of the measurement value.

3, the storage environment of the instrument should also pay attention to

The thermal imaging camera will have a special box for easy carrying and storage. In a boring environment, this is the rule that all thermal imaging cameras must be discarded after use. As long as the standard storage box can provide comprehensive protection equipment.

As the main force for detecting industrial faults, infrared cameras provide outstanding guarantees for the smooth development of many industrial activities. Therefore, users should pay more attention to the use of high-performance infrared cameras, for the above three situations, to better provide a guarantee for better industrial activities.