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What are the characteristics of an infrared thermal imager?
- 2018-11-24-

Any object in nature, as long as the temperature is above relative zero (-273.15 C˚), it will emit energy within a very wide wavelength plan by means of electromagnetic radiation, generating electromagnetic waves (radiated energy).
The commonly used industrial infrared thermal imager usually operates in the long-wave band of 8-14 μm, and the temperature plan is generally within -20-600 ° C.
Infrared camera is a new type of photoelectric exploration equipment. The thermal information on the surface is instantly visualized, and shortcomings can be quickly located. With the assistance of professional analysis software, analysis can be performed to complete the power supply equipment, compressors, pipes, Testing operations such as air outlets ensure that the air conditioner can work efficiently and continuously.
The thermal imager is composed of two base parts: optical equipment and prospector.
The optical equipment collects the infrared radiation of the object on the explorer, and the explorer converts the incident radiation into an electrical signal, which is then processed into a visible image, that is, a heat map.

Infrared thermal imager features Thermal imager is an advanced technology product. Compared with traditional detection tools, it has its own obvious characteristics:
1. The thermal imager can measure the temperature of moving objects, but it is difficult to achieve this in general temperature measurement appearance;
2. The temperature can be measured by a microscope head with a diameter of a few microns or less;
3. Able to quickly perform thermal diagnosis of equipment;
4. High sensitivity, depending on the type, can distinguish 0.1 ℃ or smaller temperature difference;
5. Will not disturb the measured temperature field. This is an advantage over direct temperature measuring instruments.
6. Large temperature measurement plan. According to the type, the general thermal imager can measure the plan of 0 ℃ -2000 ℃;
7. Application safety. The non-contact measurement makes the camera very safe to use. Because of their combined functions, it has played a huge role in many aspects such as military, industrial, medical, and scientific research. In addition, the structure of modern thermal imaging cameras is gradually miniaturizing and intelligent, and its functions are continuously improved, and its application is more sensitive and convenient. Therefore, the application planning of infrared thermal imaging technology will continue to expand and its application level will continue to improve.