Raytek Infrared Thermometer Supply

Raytek Infrared Thermometer Supply

Product Details

GP series infrared thermometer is a multi-purpose, two-piece temperature monitoring instrument. It consists of a small, cost-effective display meter and an infrared probe. The core part of the system is a 1/8 DIN GP display meter, which has advanced processing functions such as peak / valley hold, average and adjustable zero. A variety of probes can be connected. GPR probes are sturdy and durable.

The GPS probe with laser aiming can be used when the target is in inaccessible space or the measurement target is small or far away, the accuracy is 1%, and the standard focal length D: S is 50: 1. GPS with integrated coaxial Class II laser can be connected to a remotely located switch box through a 4-meter cable attached to it. The cable connecting the switch box to the GP display meter is also optional 8 meters long.


-Temperature range: -18 to 538 degrees.

-Available in standard and near focal lengths

-Durable 1/8 DIN digital display, large 4-digit window

-Has many data processing capabilities only available on large systems

-Adjustable emissivity and ambient temperature parameters

-Globally unified 110 ~ 220 VAC AC power

-User-set 4-20 mA or thermocouple output (J, K, E, N, R, S, T)

-Adjustable dual setpoint and deadband alarm output

-Cooling and air purging accessories

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