Influencing factors of measurement accuracy of infrared thermometer
- 2019-04-10-

Infrared thermometers are widely used in various industries due to their accuracy, fastness and intuitiveness, and they can monitor and diagnose equipment failures online in real time. In the past 30 years, non-contact infrared thermometers have developed rapidly in technology, with continuous improvement in performance, continuous enhancement of functions, continuous increase in varieties, and continuous expansion of the scope of application, and the market share has increased year by year.

When using an infrared thermometer, what factors will affect the measurement accuracy of the infrared thermometer:

A. High-temperature environment This kind of environment is easy to melt the coating material of the infrared thermometer, open the solder joints, change the stress distribution in the elastic body, and so on. In this environment, a high-temperature resistant infrared thermometer should be selected; it should also be equipped with heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling.
B. Corrosive environment Infrared thermometer works in a corrosive environment, which can easily cause damage to the casing, damage the internal elastomer, and even cause a short circuit. Therefore, infrared temperature measurement with good corrosion resistance and good airtightness should be selected. instrument. It is also usually the product with a stainless steel cover or an appearance that has been subjected to anti-corrosion disposal punishment.
C. Strong electromagnetic field nuisance The strong electromagnetic field environment will cause distortion of the infrared thermometer output signal and a large range of bumps. It should be shielded and punished until it has a good ability to resist electromagnetic interference.
D. Five reasons that affect the measurement accuracy of the red line thermometer. Explain the dust and wet environment. In this kind of environment, an infrared thermometer with high airtightness should be selected, otherwise the infrared thermometer will be short-circuited easily. You can refer to the IP protection grade of the infrared thermometer and select the corresponding product.

The above is the introduction of the factors affecting the measurement accuracy of the infrared thermometer

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