The principle of infrared temperature sensor and how to choose
- 2019-12-05-

The research found that the thermal effect of various monochromatic light in the solar spectrum gradually increases from purple light to red light, and the thermal effect appears within the frequency scale of infrared radiation, so people also call infrared radiation as heat radiation or heat rays. .

Principle of infrared temperature sensor

The infrared temperature sensor uses the radiant heat effect, which causes the exploration equipment to receive radiant energy and cause the temperature to rise, which further changes the function of a column in the sensor and temperature. By detecting a change in a function in between, radiation can be detected. In most cases, radiation is explored through the Seebeck effect. When the equipment receives radiation, it causes a non-electrical physical change. It can also be measured after it is changed into an electric power through appropriate changes.

The purchase is mainly considered from the aspects of functional indicators and environmental and working conditions.

Function index: The first is the measuring range, which is the temperature measurement scale. When selecting an infrared temperature sensor, you must pay attention to its measuring range. Only by selecting a suitable measuring range can you measure better. The user's measured temperature scale must be considered accurate and thorough, neither too narrow nor too wide. The second is to pay attention to the scale of the sensor. You cannot choose too large or too small. It is necessary to choose a suitable scale to facilitate measurement. The range and scale must be paid attention to when selecting the sensor, but you must also confirm the selection of the infrared temperature sensor. Optical resolution, confirmation wavelength scale, confirmation response time, signal processing function, etc.

Working conditions: The environmental conditions where the infrared temperature sensor is located have a great impact on the measurement results, and should be considered and properly resolved, otherwise it will affect the temperature measurement accuracy and even cause damage to the thermometer. When the ambient temperature is too high and there is dust, smoke and steam, you can use accessories such as maintenance covers, water cooling, air cooling systems, and air purifiers provided by the manufacturer. These accessories effectively address environmental impacts and maintain the thermometer for accurate temperature measurements.