Is the infrared thermometer accurate?
- 2019-09-27-

The infrared thermometer is accurate, and small errors may occur. The accuracy of the infrared thermometer measurement depends on the electronics used. The infrared thermometer is an electronic instrument, so there will be a certain error when it is used, but the result will not show too much deviation and will not affect the measurement result.

Our common "temperature measuring gun" is an infrared thermometer. As long as the "muzzle" is pointed at the object to be measured, the temperature of that object can be directly reported by the display on the "tail of the gun". This wonderful "pistol" can measure the temperature in the range of -20 ~ 1600 degrees Celsius. Temperature too! When a person walks near it, the measurement result is automatically converted into mouth temperature.

Medical temperature measuring guns are used in areas where infectious diseases occur. They use far-infrared emitting light signals to measure the temperature of the human body without touching the human body. It has special uses during the SARS and avian flu periods. The temperature is designed to be -50 ~ 480 ℃, low temperature measurement of minus 50 degrees is easily realized, and it can also be used normally in low temperature areas such as northeast and northwest.

The infrared thermometer's temperature measurement principle is to convert the radiant energy of the infrared radiation emitted by an object into an electrical signal. The amount of infrared radiation energy corresponds to the temperature of the object (such as molten steel). According to the size of the converted electrical signal, the object can be determined. (Such as molten steel).

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