The difference between mercury thermometer and infrared thermometer
- 2019-07-19-

Mercury thermometer accuracy depends on the scale value. The current scale can only reach 0.1 degrees, and it can only be estimated further down. The accuracy of the electronic thermometer is also 0.1 degrees, which is similar to that of mercury. One of the advantages of mercury thermometers is that the accuracy is stable, but the general electronic thermometer is the most accurate in the 37-39 range, and higher or lower will be worse.

Infrared thermometer vs mercury thermometer-who is faster?

To fully heat the mercury in a mercury thermometer to body temperature requires more heat than affecting an electronic thermometer, and the glass of the mercury thermometer is much hotter than the probe of an infrared thermometer. Therefore, the mercury thermometer must take 5 minutes to measure, and as long as the infrared thermometer is used correctly, you can hear a click in about 1 minute. The new electronic thermometer with calculation function can predict the body temperature in 15 seconds.