Selection guide for very Xiang technology equipment maintenance thermal imager
- 2019-10-17-

Industrial daily equipment maintenance, electrical and electromechanical equipment are two important centers of gravity. These words are often heard: equipment failure, abnormal heating, shutdown, loose joints, and line problems ... Every word affects the mind of equipment maintenance personnel. . It can be said that these familiar words often make the equipment maintenance personnel squat at the repair site, constantly looking for fault points and solving problems.

So, how can we prevent these failures, kill them in the bud, and reduce the work pressure of equipment maintenance personnel? The thermal imager is a useful tool. Through temperature measurement and imaging, early detection of abnormal points allows equipment maintenance personnel to intervene early to prevent malfunctions.

Very Xiang technology equipment maintenance type thermal imager, there are 5 series, including FOTRIC X cloud thermal image, 360 series, 268D, 230 series, 320 series. What are the characteristics of each when doing equipment maintenance? How to select it?

First, FOTRIC 360, powerful on-site diagnostic functions

Use a thermal imager to inspect the equipment and do it at a fixed cycle. It is not the end of taking a thermal image of the device. The key is to analyze the temperature and screen to determine whether there is a problem. The series provides powerful diagnostic functions and is very easy to use.

Very Xiang Technology 360

For example, the function of “analytical thermal image analysis in real time” can be used to directly add points, lines, and frames to obtain the temperature before shooting, when the shooting picture is frozen, and after the thermal image is saved. Data, or perform emissivity, temperature and width, palette settings and other operations to avoid repeated shooting, convenient and fast. On the 5.5-inch ultra-high-definition OLED display, up to 16 temperature measurement points, 16 temperature measurement areas, and 16 temperature measurement lines can be added to meet multiple targets for simultaneous measurement.

Another example is the "full-screen temperature rise automatic calculation function", what does this do? For example, when testing the A device, it measured 70 ° C in summer and 70 ° C in winter, which is also 70 ° C. Is the equipment condition reflected in summer and winter the same?

Of course not, because the ambient temperature is about 30 ° C in summer and only a few degrees in winter. Although the same temperature was measured at 70 ° C, the temperature rise of the equipment was very different, which meant that the equipment conditions were quite different. The "full-screen temperature rise automatic calculation function" of the FOTRIC 360 series is to help equipment maintenance staff to automatically calculate the temperature rise, reflecting the true state of the equipment.