Application of infrared thermal imager in electronics industry
- 2019-09-12-

Today, Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand the application of infrared camera in the electronics industry:

Printed board production
Whether in design or testing, thermal imaging cameras play an important role in the production of printed boards. When designing a circuit, engineers can use infrared equipment to monitor the thermal characteristics of specific components and then modify the design based on the results. During the test phase, engineers used thermal imaging to locate faults, such as improper circuit soldering, broken traces between components, loss of power fluctuations from stripped or unsuitable soldered components, reversed component polarity, and incorrect component layout Causes the circuit to heat up. Visualized and quantified thermal models allow engineers to improve products and manufacturing processes.

IC wire bonding
The wire bonding phase of the integrated circuit manufacturing process is called a bottleneck because it involves a large amount of soldering, and heating and cooling need to be controlled. The temperature at which the leads are soldered to the IC depends on the diameter and material of the leads. The IC manufacturer should monitor the temperature profile and the temperature before and after the leads are soldered to the IC. This allows welding time to be adjusted based on data collected from process thermal monitoring, thereby increasing throughput. In addition, fewer ICs are damaged by heat, and fewer boards are discarded due to poor soldering, so scrap can be reduced.

Printed board (PCB) production
Bare printed boards made of fiberglass and rosin must be baked in a dry oven. These printed boards typically include multiple layers that must be heated multiple times to cure each layer of circuit board. It is extremely important to increase the temperature of the circuit board, otherwise the circuit board may be unusable and must be discarded. Because circuit board manufacturers have low profits, this waste can seriously affect their profits. In order to prevent scrap and increase profits, circuit board manufacturers use infrared cameras to carefully measure the temperature of the circuit board as it cures in order to accurately control the temperature.

The above are the applications of infrared thermal imager in the electronics industry.