Update! Infrared Thermometer Purchase Elements Sharing
- 2019-09-11-

Advances in infrared thermometer technology have provided users with various functions and multi-purpose instruments, expanding their options. When selecting the thermometer type, you should first determine the measurement requirements, such as the measured target temperature, the measured target size, the measurement distance, the measured target material, the target environment, the response speed, the measurement accuracy, whether it is portable or online ; Today I will explain to you specifically:

Determine the temperature range

Determine the temperature measurement range: The temperature measurement range is an important performance indicator of the thermometer. Each type of thermometer has its own specific temperature range.

Determine target size

In order to obtain accurate temperature readings, the distance between the thermometer and the test target must be within a suitable range. The so-called "spot size" is the area of the thermometer's measurement points. The farther you are from the target, the larger the spot size.

Determine distance factor (optical resolution)

The distance coefficient is determined by the ratio of D: S, which is the ratio of the distance D from the thermometer probe to the target to the diameter of the target to be measured. The higher the optical resolution, that is, increasing the D: S ratio, the higher the cost of the thermometer.

Determine the wavelength range

The emissivity and surface characteristics of the target material determine the corresponding wavelength of the thermometer's spectrum. For high reflectivity alloy materials, there is a low or varying emissivity. In the high-temperature region, the wavelength of measuring metal materials is near infrared, and 0.8-1.0 μm can be selected.

Determine response time

The response time is defined as the time required to reach 95% of the reading energy. It represents the reaction speed of the infrared thermometer to the measured temperature change. It is related to the time constant of the photodetector, signal processing circuit and display system.

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