Why is the infrared thermometer data jumping?
- 2019-09-05-

Today, Wuxi Jixiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to analyze why the data will jump frequently when using the infrared thermometer, mainly from the following points:

In this case, it is necessary to check whether the insulation of the connecting wire is damaged, and it is in short circuit to ground caused by regular contact with the shell of the machine.

The alignment of the linear infrared thermometer needs to be very good, but the parallelism can allow an error of ± 0.5mm, and the angle can allow an error of ± 12 °. However, if the parallelism error and the angle error are both too large, the display of digital jitter may occur. Then when this happens, the parallelism and angle must be adjusted.

The wiring of the infrared thermometer cannot be connected wrongly, and the power and output cables cannot be replaced. If the wires are connected incorrectly, there will be a large linear error. It is difficult to control, the control accuracy will be very poor, and the display is prone to jump.

Both FM interference and electrostatic interference may make the digital display of the linear infrared thermometer's digital beating. Therefore, the signal line of the electronic ruler should be separated from the strong current line of the equipment. The electronic scale must be grounded forcibly. The signal wire needs to be shielded, and a section of the electrical box should be grounded to the shield.

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