How to use handheld infrared thermometer
- 2019-08-20-

Today, Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. will show you how to use the handheld infrared thermometer correctly:

1. Hold the handle of the thermometer with your right hand, pull the switch with your index finger, you will hear the sound of "BI-BI", the power is turned on, and the screen will show the temperature of the object you are facing. When measuring, pay attention to the distance coefficient K. This The machine KD: S12: 1 is generally understood as the area of the measured object is a circle with a diameter of 1 meter when the measurement range is 12m away. If a 1m diameter object exists at a distance greater than 12m, the measured object temperature will not be accurate.

2. To measure an object, point the lens directly at the measured object, and press and hold the switch to perform the measurement. At this time, the SCAN symbol will appear on the upper left side of the screen to indicate that the measurement is being performed. ) Symbol, which is the temperature of the measured object displayed on the screen.

3. Use the instrument in an unclear or dark environment. First release the power switch button, and then press the LASER / BACKLIT button. This is the laser / backlight symbol displayed on the screen. This is Press the switch to measure, you will see a small red dot on the measured object, indicating that the temperature is being measured in the area. When not in use, release the power key, and then press the laser / backlight button, press no laser, double-click no backlight, press three times no backlight and laser.

4. When detecting a surface (such as airtightness), the fixed-point method can be used, and each measurement must be recorded in time. The measurement data is automatically held for 7 seconds, without operation, and automatically shut down in 30 seconds. The backlight turns off automatically after a delay of ten seconds.

The above points are the steps on how to use the handheld infrared thermometer correctly.