Introduction to the correct installation of infrared thermometer
- 2019-08-08-

Infrared thermometers cannot be installed in places where temperature, humidity, stray light, shock, etc. exceed the specified purchase place. Infrared thermometers have certain installation places. These places certainly have a great impact on the performance of the thermometer, so you need to pay attention to A few points:

The first is the place where strong light, such as the sun, heating element, welding light, etc., may enter. Infrared thermometer should not be installed as far as possible, and precautionary measures should be taken when it is necessary, otherwise the infrared thermometer cannot operate correctly. May damage the optoelectronic device. Secondly, the base of the infrared thermometer should be firm and sturdy. In places with large shakes and vibrations, it is necessary to avoid being blocked or to take appropriate anti-vibration measures according to the measurement accuracy. Otherwise, the optical axis may deviate or the detection position is incorrect. If the base is unstable, the thermometer should be installed from a special fixing bracket on the foundation.

Infrared thermometers should be installed or protected in places with a lot of water droplets and oil droplets, otherwise they will stick to the infrared thermometer light source and the lens of the photoelectric receiver, which not only scatter the light beam, but also the airborne Dust is also easily sucked up and becomes a cause of malfunction. Water vapor or dusty places should avoid installation or take sealing measures. Water vapor or dust can easily condense on the lens surface of the thermometer and cause light flux attenuation and scattering. Even if there is no water vapor, the rapid change in ambient temperature can cause the same phenomenon. Of course, after zui we also need to pay attention to avoid installing in places where adjustment and maintenance are difficult. Because the adjustment of the optical axis and the cleaning of the lens surface are often done, if it is installed in a place that is difficult to adjust and maintain, or the adjustment is incorrect. Poor maintenance is likely to cause errors. Similarly, the thermometer needs to be installed as close as possible to strong electric devices, otherwise the electrical part of the thermometer is susceptible to external interference.

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