Infrared Thermal Imager Selection Factors
- 2019-07-27-

Consumers who use infrared thermal imagers know that it is very important to buy infrared thermal imagers. Today Wuxi very Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand some of the more important factors:

A, temperature measurement range

According to the temperature range of the measured object, the temperature range of the infrared thermal imager is determined, so that a thermal imager with a suitable temperature range can be selected. But everyone must know that the temperature measurement range is not as large as possible, as long as the temperature measurement range meets the user's requirements. Generally, when a thermal imager measures an object whose temperature range is above 500 ° C, a high-temperature lens can be configured.

B, pixels

At the same distance, if you want to shoot an object, the higher the pixel of the infrared thermal imager, the clearer the thermal image will be. .

C, temperature resolution

The temperature resolution of the infrared camera can well reflect the temperature measurement sensitivity. If the temperature resolution is smaller, it means that the temperature change is more obvious, so that the temperature failure point can be found according to the temperature difference. In the process of purchasing an infrared thermal imager, you can choose an infrared thermal imager with a suitable temperature resolution according to the actual situation.

D, spatial resolution

In the measurement process, if the resolution is higher, the temperature measurement accuracy will be higher. Therefore, during the test, the test target must be larger than the minimum target size, so that it will not be affected by environmental factors. More accurate fit.

E. Response time

This factor mainly reflects the reaction speed of the thermal imager to the measured temperature change. It is related to the time constant of the photodetector, signal processing circuit and display system. The infrared thermal imager responds much faster than the contact thermometer.

The above points highlight the factors that need to be considered when purchasing an infrared thermal imager.