How to make an infrared thermometer measure accurately at high temperatures
- 2019-07-23-

Optical fiber on-line infrared thermometer can perform temperature detection in harsh conditions, harsh environments and environments with strong electromagnetic interference. With its flexibility, the fiber-optic on-line infrared thermometer can measure the temperature of the target that cannot be directly observed, such as the inner wall of a container or pipe, and can be used without a cooling device. It can withstand environmental high temperature up to 200 ℃.

When the infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature, the instrument can receive all three kinds of energy. Therefore, all infrared thermometers must be adjusted to read only the emitted energy. Measurement errors are usually caused by infrared energy reflected from other light sources. Some infrared thermometers can change the emissivity. Emissivity values for a variety of materials can be found in published emissivity tables. Other instruments have a fixed pre-set emissivity of 0.95. The emissivity value is the surface temperature of most organic materials, paints or oxidized surfaces, which is compensated by applying a tape or flat black paint to the measured surface.

The unambiguous understanding of infrared technology and its principles is its precise temperature measurement. When the temperature is measured by an infrared thermometer, the infrared energy emitted by the measured object is converted into an electrical signal on the detector by the optical system of the infrared thermometer. The temperature reading of this signal is displayed. The important factors of temperature are the emissivity, the field of view, the distance to the light spot, and the position of the light spot. Emissivity. All objects reflect, transmit, and emit energy. Only the emitted energy can indicate the temperature of the object.

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