Application of thermal imager in petrochemical industry
- 2019-07-05-

Infrared cameras have broad application prospects in the detection of petrochemical industrial equipment. Their unique advantages can complement the shortcomings of traditional detection methods and deserve our vigorous promotion.

Petrochemical pipeline

Whether in petroleum or chemical companies, pipelines are usually used to transport steam, raw materials, products, etc. Therefore, thermal insulation layers are wrapped outside the pipeline. Infrared cameras can easily check whether the thermal insulation layer of the pipeline is damaged or not leakage.

2 Connection flange

When a large number of pipes are used, there are naturally many connecting flanges. Flange sealing is prone to problems, resulting in leakage of steam, raw materials, products, etc. in the pipeline flange connection. Leaks can be found intuitively, easily, and very safely with an infrared camera.

3 Boilers and peripheral equipment

Boiler is a device that uses the thermal energy or other energy released by the combustion of fuel to heat the working fluid to certain parameters. From the perspective of energy utilization, a boiler is an energy conversion device. The utilization of primary energy in the boiler is very important, so the application of the thermal imager can help the detection of the boiler and surrounding equipment.

4 Power supply system and equipment

The power supply system is the foundation of the chemical industry. Ensuring the stability, reliability and safety of the power supply system is a prerequisite for safe production in the chemical industry. Using a thermal imager to quickly locate the problem, thereby reducing maintenance workload and reducing excessive maintenance, is more valuable.